Domain Structure Reversible Reconstruction of Amorphous Ferromagnetic by Water Molecules Weak Adsorptionстатья

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[1] Domain structure reversible reconstruction of amorphous ferromagnetic by water molecules weak adsorption / V. E. Zubov, A. D. Kudakov, N. L. Levshin, N. A. Mezenkov // Solid State Phenomena. — 2009. — Vol. 152, no. -. — P. 428–430. Influence of water molecules reversible adsorption on domain structure and domain wall structure in amorphous Fe-rich ferromagnet samples is investigated by magnetooptical method. Before investigation the samples were kept in the air. Domain structure of the samples significantly changes in wacuum: instead one 180-degree domain wall several domain walls appear which are oriented with angle 45o to the long side of the sample. This effect is completely reversible. Another new effect is found: domain wall width on the sample surface in vacuum is 35% bigger (13.5 μm) than in atmosphere of water vapor (10 μm).

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