THZ phonon spectroscopy of Bi-2223 and Bi-2212: evidence for phonon pairingстатья

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[1] Ponomarev Y. G., Hoang H. V. Thz phonon spectroscopy of bi-2223 and bi-2212: evidence for phonon pairing // Physics procedia. — 2012. — Vol. 36. — P. 611–616. Facts are presented evidencing the strong electron–phonon interaction and the scaling of a superconducting gap and a critical temperature in doped Bi-2212 single crystals. A sharp extra structure in the current-voltage characteristics (CVC's) of Bi-2212 contacts is attributed to the presence of the extended van Hove singularity (EVHS) close to the Fermi level in slightly overdoped and slightly underdoped samples. THZ phonon spectroscopy studies of Bi-2223 and Bi-2212 are overviewed. An observed giant instability in I(V) – characteristics of Bi-2223 nanosteps is probably caused by a resonant emission of 2Δ – optical phonons in a process of recombination of nonequilibrium quasiparticles (Krasnov model).

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