Microlensing evidence for super-Eddington disk accretion in quasarsстатья

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[1] Shakura N. I., Abolmasov P. Microlensing evidence for super-eddington disk accretion in quasars // IAU Symposium. — Vol. 290 of IAU Symposium. — 2013. — P. 307–308. Gravitational microlensing by the stellar population of lensing galaxies provides an important opportunity to spatially resolve the accretion disk structure in strongly lensed quasars. Some of the objects (like Einstein's cross) are reasonably consistent with the predictions of the standard accretion disk model. In other cases, the size of the emitting region is larger than predicted by the standard thin disk theory and practically independent on wavelength. This may be interpreted as an observational manifestation of an optically-thick scattering envelope possibly related to super-Eddington accretion with outflows. [ DOI ]

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