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[1] PUTILIN S., KAZAKOV S., MAREZIO M. On the alkali-earth mercurates, mhgo2 // Journal of Solid State Chemistry. — 1994. — Vol. 109, no. 2. — P. 406–409. During the investigation of the BaO-HgO-CuO system, a new polymorph of BaHgO2 was obtained. This phase was characterized by X-ray powder diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and EDS analysis. As the SrHgO2 and CaHgO2 counterparts, it crystallizes with the 3R delafossite structure with cell parameters a 4.097(1), c = 19.348(2), space group R3mBAR, and Z = 3. It is also shown that the distortion from the 3R delafossite structure, reported for SrHgO2, might be the effect of a merohedral twinning due to stacking faults. (C) 1994 Academic, Press, Inc. [ DOI ]

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