Study of Influence of Parameter Grouping on the Error of Neural Network Solution of the Inverse Problem of Electrical Prospectingстатья

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[1] Study of influence of parameter grouping on the error of neural network solution of the inverse problem of electrical prospecting / S. Dolenko, I. Isaev, E. Obornev et al. // Communications in Computer and Information Science. — 2013. — Vol. 383. — P. 81–90. In the electrical prospecting inverse problem, the sought-for distribution of electrical conductivity in Earth stratum is described by dividing the studied section into blocks arranged in layers, with determination of electrical conductivity in the center of each block. This inverse problem can be solved separately for each block, or simultaneously for a group of blocks. In this study, the dependence of solution error on the number of blocks for simultaneous solution of the problem with a single neural network, and on the method of their choice, was investigated. [ DOI ]

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