The interaction of lamda-Cro repressor and its mutant covalent S-S-dimer lamda-CroV55C with symmetric and asymmetricстатья

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[1] Surovaia A., Gitel'zon G., Gurskiĭ G. The interaction of lamda-cro repressor and its mutant covalent s-s-dimer lamda-crov55c with symmetric and asymmetric // Biophysics. — 2006. — Vol. 51, no. 3. — P. 567–573. Binding of lamda-Cro protein and mutant CroV55C disulfide bonded dimer to synthetic olygonucleotide duplexes were studied using a competition with distamycin A. The equilibrium binding constants for lamda operator OR3 and duplexes contained symmetry left or right halves of OR3 with one base pair deletion or insertion in center of duplex were calculated. The higher binding constant for Cro was detected with 17 bp symmetry duplex consist two left halves of OR3, for the mutant CroV55C higher binding constant was detected with 16 bp derivate of this duplex with the central GC base pair deletion.

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