Symmetry and magnetoelectric interactions in BaMnF4статья

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[1] Zvezdin A. K., Pyatakov A. P. Symmetry and magnetoelectric interactions in bamnf4 // Low Temperature Physics. — 2010. — Vol. 36. — P. 532–537. Symmetry analysis is used to study magnetic anisotropy and magnetoelectric interactions in the ferroelectric antiferromagnet BaMnF4 theoretically. It is shown that symmetry admits the existence in this material of a nonuniform magnetoelectric interaction (flexomagnetoelectric type) with a specific dependence on the magnitude and orientation of the external magnetic field. With increasing magnetic field this interaction can cause a phase transition into a magnetic incommensurate phase with a characteristic jump of the electric polarization. The linear and quadratic magnetoelectric effects and the question of the relativistic canting of the sublattices, which is due to the magnetoelectric interaction, are examined. The proposed approach is a natural generalization of the method of constructing invariants from the magnetic modes of the crystal to the case of phase transitions with a doubled unit cell of the crystal and can be used for symmetry analysis of other ferroelectric magnetic compounds. [ DOI ]

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