The Changes of Properties of Blood Peripheral Lymphocytes of Donors and Patients with Prostate Gland Cancer: Reaction of Lymphocytes on Irradiation in vitroстатья

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[1] The changes of properties of blood peripheral lymphocytes of donors and patients with prostate gland cancer: Reaction of lymphocytes on irradiation in vitro / I. I. Pelevina, A. V. Aleshchenko, M. M. Antoshchina et al. // Radiatsionnaia biologiia, radioecologiia / Rossiĭskaia akademiia nauk. — 2015. — Vol. 55, no. 5. — P. 485–494. The oxidative status (ROS), markers activation expression (CD69), proliferation activity (Ki67), proapoptotic antigen (CD95) have been investigated on healthy donors and patients with prostatic gland cancer in human blood lymphocytes. The lymphocyte reaction in vitro on γ-irradiation at different doses (0.05-1.0 Gy) has been determined too. It was shown that in these two types of individuals the ROS content does not differ and the reaction on irradiation is not different either. Essential is the difference between the marker expression in lymphocytes of healthy donors and patients with tumour: in individuals with cancer the content of lymphocytes with CD69+ phenotype (in non active situation) and CD95+ increases, the expression of marker Ki67 decreases. The lymphocyte response to irradiation in healthy and tumour lymphocytes is distinguished. Irradiation at doses 0.05-10.0 Gy on tumour patients lymphocytes markers does not influence expression. In healthy donors’ lymphocytes the expression of markers is changed considerably, the reaction depends on the marker type: expression of CD69 marker decreases (tendency); expression of Ki67 decreases too; it is unusual that the expression of CD95 changes–it decreases after irradiation at the doses of 0.05-1.0 Gy, then increases with dose. So this work shows the changes in tumour patients’ blood lymphocytes in comparison with healthy donors’ lymphocytes. The possible mechanisms of the observed phenomenon are discussed.

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