One-Step Microheterogeneous Formation of Rutile@Anatase Core–Shell Nanostructured Microspheres Discovered by Precise Phase Mappingстатья

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[1] One-step microheterogeneous formation of rutile@anatase core–shell nanostructured microspheres discovered by precise phase mapping / T. Alexey, H. Zhi-Yi, M. Maria et al. // Journal of Physical Chemistry C. — 2017. — Vol. 121, no. 8. — P. 4443–4450. Nanostructured core–shell microspheres with a rough rutile core and a thin anatase shell are synthesized via a one-step heterogeneous templated hydrolysis process of TiCl4 vapor on the aerosol water–air interface. The rutile-in-anatase core–shell structure has been evidenced by different electron microscopy techniques, including electron energy-loss spectroscopy and 3D electron tomography. A new mechanism for the formation of a crystalline rutile core inside the anatase shell is proposed based on a statistical evaluation of a large number of electron microscopy data. We found that the control over the TiCl4 vapor pressure, the ratio between TiCl4 and H2O aerosol, and the reaction conditions plays a crucial role in the formation of the core–shell morphology and increases the yield of nanostructured microspheres. [ DOI ]

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