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[1] Dna-surfactant complexes in organic media / V. G. Sergeyev, O. A. Pyshkina, M. O. Gallyamov et al. // Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science. — 1997. — Vol. 106. — P. 198–203. A linear DNA can be dissolved in nonaqueous low-polar organic solvents by forming complexes between DNA and cationic surfactants. The data of high-rate sedimentation, UV-spectrometric and circular dichroism measurements show that the DNA complexes with surfactant in chloroform, heptane and cyclohexane are individual components with a 1∶1 stoichiometry. The DNA molecules passing to the organic phase retain a double-stranded helix conformation. By means of scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopy it was found that DNA-surfactant complexes in water and in chloroform exist in compact toroidal conformation. It was demonstrated that such complexes can be transferred through water/organic-phase boundaries. [ DOI ]

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