Carbonate System Characteristics of the Sevastopol Bay Waters in 2009 – 2015статья

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[1] Orekhova N. A., Medvedev E. V., Konovalov S. K. Carbonate system characteristics of the sevastopol bay waters in 2009 – 2015 // Physical Oceanography. — 2016. — Vol. 3. — P. 31–46. The results of studies of the carbon cycle inorganic component and its transformation in the Sevastopol Bay (The Black Sea) based on the data obtained in the expeditions in 2009 – 2015 are represented in the paper. The obtained results show a negligible upward trend of the dissolved inorganic carbon (∼1 %) that can indicate the bay ecosystem ability to "self-recovery". However, significant growth (up to 23 %) of the carbon dioxide partial pressure in the bottom and surface layers of the bay testifies to negative changes resulting in the carbon cycle transformation. Nevertheless, currently the Sevastopol Bay waters are still in the invasion state (carbon dioxide absorption from the atmosphere). However, the performed calculations demonstrate a downtrend of the atmospheric flux and probability of replacing invasion by evasion (carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere) by 2018.

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