Anomalies in the Fermi Surface and Band Dispersion of Quasi-One-Dimensional CuO Chains in the High-Temperature Superconductor YBa2Cu4O8статья

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[1] Anomalies in the fermi surface and band dispersion of quasi-one-dimensional cuo chains in the high-temperature superconductor yba2cu4o8 / T. Kondo, R. Khasanov, J. Karpinski et al. // Physical Review Letters. — 2010. — Vol. 105, no. 26. — P. 267003. We have investigated the electronic states in quasi-one-dimensional CuO chains by microprobe angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy. We find that the quasiparticle Fermi surface consists of six disconnected segments, consistent with recent theoretical calculations that predict the formation of narrow, elongated Fermi surface pockets for coupled CuO chains. In addition, we find a strong renormalization effect with a significant kink structure in the band dispersion. The properties of this latter effect [energy scale (similar to 40 meV), temperature dependence, and behavior with Zn-doping] are identical to those of the bosonic mode observed in CuO2 planes of high-temperature superconductors, indicating they have a common origin. [ DOI ]

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