Two new species of Zeravschania (Umbelliferae) and some additional notes on the genusстатья

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[1] Pimenov M. G., Kljuykov E. V. Two new species of zeravschania (umbelliferae) and some additional notes on the genus // Phytotaxa. — 2013. — Vol. 130, no. 1. — P. 25–33. Two new species, Zeravschania latifolia from Ghorat province of Afghanistan, and Z. kopetdaghensis from Turkmenistan, are described and illustrated. Zeravschania latifolia differs from the closely related Z. membranacea in having broadly ovate (not narrowly linear) terminal leaf segments, and pure white (not pale yellow) petals. Zeravschania kopetdaghensis differs from the related Z. stricticaulis in the life form (polycarpic vs. monocarpic), petiolate subbipinnate leaves, lobed terminal leaf segments, and shorter umbel rays. A study of newly determined collections in Ferdowsi University in Mashhad (FUMH) has enabled us to add to a description of Z. stricticaulis. In total, the genus numbers now 11 species. A new key to all Zeravschania species has been compiled. A distribution map of the genus is presented with known localities of the two new species. [ DOI ]

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