Draft Genome Sequence of Bacillus cereus Strain F, Isolated from Ancient Permafrostстатья

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1. Draft_Genome_Sequence_of_Bacillus_cereus_strain_F.pdf Draft_Genome_Sequence_of_Bacillus_cereus_strain_F.pdf 126,2 КБ 18 сентября 2013 [brouchkov@hotmail.com]

[1] Draft genome sequence of bacillus cereus strain f, isolated from ancient permafrost / E. V. Brenner, A. V. Brouchkov, A. M. Kurilshikov et al. // Genome Announcements. — 2013. — Vol. 1, no. 4. Bacillus cereus strain F was isolated and cultured from a sample of permafrost, aged presumably about 3 million years, on the Mammoth Mountain (62o56′N, 133o59′E). These genome data provide the basis to investigate Bacillus cereus F, identified as a long-term survivor of the extremely cold and close environment. [ DOI ]

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