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[1] Platonova M. N. Nn and nd scattering with intermediate dibaryons // Few-Body Systems. — 2017. — Vol. 58. — P. 64–67. Excitation of intermediate dibaryon resonances in hadronic processes accompanied by high momentum transfers is considered. It is shown that some basic features of NN inelastic scattering with single- or double-pion production can be effectively described by taking into account the short-range s-channel dibaryon excitation along with peripheral t-channel meson-exchange processes. In particular, isovector dibaryons with I(JP)=1(2+), 1(3−) and 1(2−) are shown to play an important role in reproducing the cross sections and especially polarization observables in the basic single-pion production reaction pp→dπ+, while an isoscalar I(JP)=0(3+) dibaryon is crucial for describing the basic double-pion production process pn→d(ππ)0. Possible generalization of resonance (dibaryon) mechanisms considered in NN scattering to Nd elastic and inelastic scattering is also discussed. [ DOI ]

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