УФ-спектрофотометрия и UBVJHKL-фотометрия симбиотической новой V443 Herстатья

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[1] УФ-спектрофотометрия и ubvjhkl-фотометрия симбиотической новой v443 her / Е. А. Колотилов, У. Мунари, А. А. Попова, Б. Ф. Юдин // Письма в "Астрономический журнал" (Астрономия и космическая астрофизика). — 1998. — Т. 24. — С. 39. The photometric UBVJHKL observations of the symbiotic star V443 Her performed during 1994-1997 and its UV spectrum obtained from IUE in October 1991 are presented. Over the last decade of dense photometric observations, the U light curve can be described by a sinusoid with P = 598 days. At the same time, no periodic variations (with P or P/2) have been detected in the infrared. If the phase corrections are taken into account, the UV spectra of V443 Her in 1980 and 1991 turn out to be essentially identical. The behavior of the UV continuum can be represented as the total emission of the gaseous envelope, which completely absorbs the Lc photons from the hot component, and of the hot component - a blackbody source of temperature T_h = 8.2 x 10^4 K.

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