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[1] Computer treatment of images taken with high-speed image-converter camera / N. PIatonov, Y. P. Pyt'ev, A. M. Prokhorov et al. // Proc. SPIE 0097, 12th Intl Congress on High Speed Photography. — Vol. 97. — Toronto, 1977. — P. 552–552. Some problems of digital image processing are discussed for pictures taken vith high–speed image-converter camera (ICU) in streak oDeration. Goneral asects of image proces-sing such as coding, filtration, restoration are briefly analysed. 'iathematical approach to the approximate estimation of an image-converter tube (ICT) response function is suggested. A solution for the restoration of images distorted by the IiT can be found by solving an integral equation (in terms of incorrectly formulated problem) describing the ICT imaging system. The regularization procedure for solution of this integral equation is described. Presented are some examples of the IT imar;e reconstruction on the basis of the developed image-transform technique. [ DOI ]

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