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[1] Yakovleva A., Fedotova V. Science as a phenomenon of modernity // Russian Studies in Philosophy. — 2015. — no. 3. — P. 218–230. This article discusses changes that have occurred in science in response to a transforming modernity. One of the results of such changes is a variety of viewpoints on science today and the heated debate about science, its objectives, and its effectiveness, which is explained by the desire to exert influence on how science and science education are organized. The article assesses the current situation of science reformation in Russia from the perspective of historical experience of natural and social sciences, particularly in the first, second, and third modernities. In connection with the launched government “reform” of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the authors analyze different periods in the history of organizing science and society, and draw conclusions about what this means for academic research, which goal is to generate fundamental knowledge. [ DOI ]

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