Application of Laser Interference Microscopy for Studying the Protective Action of Prolyl-glycyl-proline (Pro-Gly-Pro) on mast cellsстатья

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[1] Application of laser interference microscopy for studying the protective action of prolyl-glycyl-proline (pro-gly-pro) on mast cells / N. S. Bondarenko, A. I. Yusipovich, S. S. Kovalenko et al. // Biologicheskie Membrany. — 2013. — Vol. 30, no. 3. — P. 199–205. The effect of prolyl-glycyl-proline (Pro-Gly-Pro) peptide on morphometric parameters of mast cells under activation by compound 48/80 and synacthen was investigated. Cell image obtained by the laser interference microscopy method (LIM) is a distribution of the optical path difference of light (OPD). It allows evaluation of changes of individual components of cytoplasm (maximal OPD, mOPD) and the total distribution of OPD (”amount of substance”). The changes of the “amount of substance” in the cytoplasm correlate with changes of the amount of secreted histamine (-0.86). Preliminary incubation of mast cells with PRO-GLY-PRO (6 x 10(-5) M) does not change the area, the state of individual components of the cytoplasm (nucleus) and the “amount of substance” (histamine vesicles) in cells. The “amount of substance” (histamine vesicles) and mOPD under activation of mast cells by compound 48/80 (0.02 mg/mL) decrease whereas the release of histamine increases. Preincubation of cells with PRO-GLY-PRO has no effect. Activation of cells by synacthen (2 and 20 mu mol/L) leads to the increase of the cell area, reduction of mOPD and the “amount of substance” (histamine vesicles). Preincubation of cells with PRO-GLY-PRO prevents these changes. So, the protective effect of PRO-GLY-PRO was observed in the case of mast cells’ activation by synacthen, but not in case of compound 48/80. [ DOI ]

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