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[1] Indirect competitive immunoassay for detection of vitamin b2 in foods and pharmaceuticals / W. Peng, Y. Yongmei, S. A. Eremin et al. // Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. — 2013. — Vol. 61, no. 29. — P. 7048–7054. An indirect immunoassay for determination of vitamin B2 (VB2) in food samples and vitamin tablets was developed. A carbodiimide-modified active ester method was used to synthesize the immunogen for VB2. Titer of the polyclonal antibody was measured to be 1:64000. Cross-reactivity of the antibody was 0.66% with two VB2 photolytic products, and less than 0.01% in other water-soluble vitamins. Under the optimal conditions, the immunoassay showed the detection limit of 1.07 ng/mL in PBS, 2.46 ng/mL in vitamin drink and 6.11 ng/mL in milk powder. Recovery was 104.1-106.7% in milk powder and 76.4-97.9% in vitamin drink. VB2 samples were analyzed by high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) and ELISA method, and the results showed a good agreement between the two methods. Finally, the application of this method in detecting VB2 in vitamin tablets was studied, and the results correlated well with the labeled amount. [ DOI ]

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