Модель образования Логарского гипербазитового массива Афганистанастатья

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[1] Иванов О. П., Рукин М. Д. Модель образования Логарского гипербазитового массива Афганистана // Геоинформатика. — 1998. — № 4. — С. 54–59. O.P.Ivanov, M.D.Rukin. Modeling formation of the logar hyperbasite massif, Afganistan. Considered is one of the largest world ophiolite complexes - Logar hyperbasite massif in Afganistan. A model describing formation and evolution of this complex is proposed providing a consistent description of the studies of Logar out cropping. According to interpretation presented the vertical section of the Logar massif is similar to other world ophiolite complexes, the features of its horizontaloutcropping are adequatelly interpreted based on the concept of collision of rotating blocks. The model consistently describes basic phases of evolution of the Logar hyperbasite massif. Emphasized is the important role of ophiolite complexes in the evolution of the Earth's crust and tectonic processes tacing place in the suture zones of collisionareas. The series of jumping over underthrust zones and collision with following blocksmarks the evolution of orogeny zone and allows one to decode particular principles of zones selforganization. A brief review of state-of-the -art in this research field is presented including publications by Russian and foreign scietists, and a comprehensive description of the Logar massif geological structure id given. Specific features of the model different from existing concepts are emphasized. It demonstrated that tectonic evolution of the Logar massif in time and space is a key to interpreting simular situations in the tectonic self-organization and formation of the Earth's crust. УДК 55(1/9); ISSN 1609-364X; Код в каталоге 3143.

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