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[1] Education in modern school via projects in bioinformatics / A. A. Astakhova, V. K. Arzhanik, O. V. Koliasnikov, M. G. Sergeeva // Proceedings of World Congress on Education 2016. — Infonomics Society Dublin, 2017. — P. 33–34. Bioinformatics researches are currently abundant in science, but usually are not presented within high school curricula. Project-based learning allows including this interdisciplinary subject into process of education. Performing of projects in bioinformatics requires from students specific skills and knowledge in math, informatics, chemistry and biology at initial stage at school level. To equip the study a computer with Internet access is enough. Among the results of project completing students get opportunity “to touch” the science in high school that further motivate them to learn and to choose their further education direction in the scientific sphere.

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