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[1] Spatial bell-state generation without transverse mode subspace postselection / E. V. Kovlakov, I. B. Bobrov, S. S. Straupe, S. P. Kulik // Physical Review Letters. — 2017. — Vol. 118, no. 3. — P. 030503–030503. Spatial states of single photons and spatially entangled photon pairs are becoming an important resource in quantum communication. This additional degree of freedom provides an almost unlimited information capacity, making the development of high-quality sources of spatial entanglement a well-motivated research direction. We report an experimental method for generation of photon pairs in a maximally entangled spatial state. In contrast to existing techniques, the method does not require postselection of a particular subspace of spatial modes and allows one to use the full photon flux from the nonlinear crystal, providing a tool for creating high-brightness sources of pure spatially entangled photons. Such sources are a prerequisite for emerging applications in free-space quantum communication. [ DOI ]

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