Glacier and debris flow disasters around Mt. Kazbek, Russia/Georgiaстатья

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[1] Glacier and debris flow disasters around mt. kazbek, russia/georgia / S. S. Chernomorets, O. V. Tutubalina, I. B. Seinova et al. // DEBRIS-FLOW HAZARDS MITIGATION: MECHANICS, PREDICTION, AND ASSESSMENT. 4th International Conference on Debris-Flow Hazards Mitigation - Mechanics, Prediction, and Assessment. SEP 10-13, 2007, Chengdu, PEOPLES R CHINA. — Millpress Rotterdam, 2007. — P. 691–702. We present a study of glacier and debris flow disasters in the Mt. Kazbek region (central Caucasus). Glacier disasters were registered here in 18(th)-21(st) century (Devdorak, Abano and Kolka glaciers) and catastrophic debris flows occurred also in 1953 and 1967. We argue that glacier disasters oil different sides of and nearby the Kazbek volcano should be considered as phenomena potentially of the same origin. For the next 30 years the region is likely to experience frequent rain-induced debris flows and less frequent glacial debris flows, which will be most active in the Genaldon River valley due to abundant material deposited by the 2002 glacier disaster. The naming of the multi-stage catastrophic events like the Kolka glacier disaster in 2002 and the determination of the exact role of debris flows in Such events require further work.

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