Binding of Bis-linked Netropsin Derivatives in the Parallel-Stranded Hairpin Form to DNAстатья

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[1] Binding of bis-linked netropsin derivatives in the parallel-stranded hairpin form to dna / A. N. Surovaya, G. Burckhardt, S. L. Grokhovsky et al. // Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics. — 2001. — Vol. 18, no. 5. — P. 689–701. Cis-diammine Pt(II)- bridged bis-netropsin and oligomethylene-bridged bis-netropsin in which two monomers are linked in a tail-to-tail manner bind to the DNA oligomer with the sequence 5'-CCTATATCC-3' in a parallel-stranded hairpin form with a stoichiometry 1:1. The difference circular dichroism (CD ) spectra characteristic of binding of these ligands in the hairpin form are similar. They differ from CD patterns obtained for binding to the same duplex of another bis-netropsin in which two netropsin moieties were linked in a head-totail manner. This reflects the fact that tail-to-tail and head-to-tail bis-netropsins use parallel and antiparallel side-by-side motifs, respectively, for binding to DNA in the hairpin forms. The binding affinity of cis -diammine Pt(II)- bridged bis-netropsin in the hairpin form to DNA oligomers with nucleotide sequences 5'-CCTATATCC-3' (I), 5'-CCTTAATCC-3' (II), 5'-CCTTATTCC-3' (III), 5'-CCTTTTTCC-3' (IV) and 5'-CCAATTTCC-3' (V) decreases in the order I = II > III > IV> V . The binding of oligomethylene-bridged bis-netropsin in the hairpin form follows a similar hierarchy. An opposite order of sequence preferences is observed for partially bonded monodentate binding mode of the synthetic ligand.

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