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[1] Stationary properties of sinis double-barrier josephson junctions / D. Balashov, F. I. Buchholz, H. Schulze et al. // Superconductor Science and Technology. — 2000. — Vol. 13, no. 2. — P. 244–250. This paper reports on the evaluation of the effective suppression parameter gamma(eff) in double-barrier Josephson junctions realized in Nb-Al/AlxOy/Al/AlxOy/Al-Nb SINIS technology. This parameter describes the overall resistance of current how across the interfaces within the whole structure configuration and characterizes its ICRN product attainable. By comparison with theoretical descriptions of tunnelling structures in the dirty-limit approximation, the effective suppression parameter gamma(eff) has been extracted from the measured temperature dependence of the IcRN product. For SINIS junctions of a series of different wafer productions with various critical currents of the fabricated junctions, the evaluated values of gamma(eff) range between 80 and 250. With reference to the proximity effect and to the possibility of removing the Al layers at the Nb electrodes, a value of gamma(eff) has been deduced, which ranges between 50 and 120. This is very close to the assigned value between 10 and 20 ideally suitable for integrated circuit applications, e.g. Josephson voltage standards and rapid single flux quantum circuits. [ DOI ]

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