Basic Law as an Instrument for Legal and Socio-political Transformations (towards the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federationстатья

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[1] Sergey S. Basic law as an instrument for legal and socio-political transformations (towards the 20th anniversary of the constitution of the russian federation // Russian Law Journal. — 2014. — no. 2. — P. 29–40. This paper is devoted to a new approach to understanding the role of the Basic Law in the life of society as a tool for managing major social and economic changes. Analyzing the distinctive features of the emergence, internal structure and functioning of the current Constitution of the Russian Federation, the author substantiates the assertion that 'the constitution is a way by which one social system gives rise to another social system.' Key words: Constitution of the Russian Federation; state and law; constitutional law; constitutional models and processes; transformation processes; social order and social control; history of contemporary Russia.

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