Integration Alternatives in Asia: G20, BRICS, IBSA and MIKTAстатья

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[1] Shlykov P. Integration alternatives in asia: G20, brics, ibsa and mikta // The Prospects of Integration and International Cooperation in East Asia: Russian-Taiwanese Symposium, 23–26 August 2016, Vladivostok. Proceedings. — Vladivostok: Far Eastern Federal University, 2016. — P. 115–125. This paper analyzes the place and functionality of the new grouping MIKTA (Mexico, Indonesia, (South) Korea, Turkey, Australia) in the evolution of “new” middle power structure, and compares MIKTA with three significant multilateral structures in which middle powers strive to have their voices heard: G20, IBSA and BRICS. This paper argues that MIKTA, as a group of middle powers, a multilateral grouping, and also the most recent product of a “new” middle power structure (created in 2013), provides so far a successful institutional framework, which increases the influence of its members. A collective effort of the countries involved produces stronger influence on the international affairs than just a number of these countries’ individual efforts. But what can be the impact of this grouping on the political and economic changes in Asia and, more importantly, on the processes of international cooperation/integration there?

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