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[1] Taxonomic identity of chionomys nivalis spitzenbergerae (mammalia: Rodentia) / A. Atilla, A. Emine, M. Ahmad et al. // Zoology in the Middle East. — 2016. — Vol. 10, no. 1080. Impact Factor: 0.628; Published online. The most genetically divergent populations of the European snow vole Chionomys nivalis occupy the extreme eastern range of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. It was recently suggested that subspecies C. n. spitzenbergerae from the Central Taurus Mountains (Turkey) represents a highly divergent lineage of C. nivalis from the Aladağ Range which induced us to address its status by examining topotype specimens. Two females karyotyped displayed 54 mitotic chromosomes of 25 acrocentric autosomal pairs. One of the smallest autosomal pairs was heteromorphic in both specimens, consisting of a submetacentric and an acrocentric chromosomes (NFa = 53). Cytochrome b sequences however unambiguously clustered both individuals with reference sequences from C. nivalis from Turkey. We conclude that a deviant haplotype from the Aladağ Range does not represent C. n. spitzenbergerae. Its taxonomic identity was not resolved in our study. Further attention should be devoted to snow voles from Central Anatolia and Western Iran, which are characterized by cranial peculiarities. [ DOI ]

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