Measurement of the CKM angle γ using $B^0 \rightarrow D K^*0$ with $D \rightarrow K^0_S π^+ π^-$ decaysстатья

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[1] Measurement of the ckm angle γ using b0d k*0 with dk0_s π+ π- decays / А. В. Бережной, Н. В. Никитин, А. К. Лефлат et al. // Journal of High Energy Physics. — 2016. — Vol. 8. — P. 137. A model-dependent amplitude analysis of the decay B0→D(K0Sπ+π−)K∗0 is performed using proton-proton collision data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 3.0fb−1, recorded at s√=7 and 8TeV by the LHCb experiment. The CP violation observables x± and y±, sensitive to the CKM angle γ, are measured to be x−=−0.15±0.14±0.03±0.01,y−=0.25±0.15±0.06±0.01,x+=0.05±0.24±0.04±0.01,y+=−0.65+0.24−0.23±0.08±0.01, where the first uncertainties are statistical, the second systematic and the third arise from the uncertainty on the D→K0Sπ+π− amplitude model. These are the most precise measurements of these observables. They correspond to γ=(80+21−22)∘ and rB0=0.39±0.13, where rB0 is the magnitude of the ratio of the suppressed and favoured B0→DK+π− decay amplitudes, in a Kπ mass region of ±50MeV around the K∗(892)0 mass and for an absolute value of the cosine of the K∗0 decay angle larger than 0.4. [ DOI ]

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