Basic and Peculiar Properties of Chromium–Magnesium Co-Doped YAS-Based Optical Fibersстатья

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[1] Basic and peculiar properties of chromium–magnesium co-doped yas-based optical fibers / A. V. Kir’yanov, D. Dutta, Y. O. Barmenkov et al. // IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics. — 2016. — Vol. 52, no. 7. — P. 1–12. The basic and peculiar properties of new-type chromium (Cr) and magnesium (Mg) co-doped yttrio-alumino-silicate-based optical fibers, fabricated through the classic modified chemical vapor deposition method employed in conjunction with solution-doping technique, are addressed, with most of attention being paid to impact of Cr/Mg co-doping strength. The electron probe microanalysis, Raman, optical absorption, and fluorescence [at excitation at different wavelengths, spanning visible to near-infrared (NIR)] spectra' measurements are performed for clarifying overall state-of-the-art of the fibers. Their most remarkable features are demonstrated to be pronounceable fluorescence in NIR (beyond 1-μm) and as well pronounceable bleaching effect under the action of 1-μm light, both adherent to the presence of Cr4+ ions. [ DOI ]

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