Power-Technological Cyclic Procedure with a High-Temperature Pyrolysis–Gasification Unitстатья

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[1] Makunin A. V., Agafonov K. N. Power-technological cyclic procedure with a high-temperature pyrolysis–gasification unit // Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering. — 2009. — Vol. 43, no. 4. — P. 575–582. Abstract —With a view to enhance the efficiency of use of the energy of nuclear power plants (NPPs) and the thermochemical regeneration of the afterheat of outgoing coolants of various energy-intensive operating procedures, a combined power-technological cycle of high-temperature anaerobic pyrolysis–gasification (reforming) of solid secondary organic stock with the use of heavy liquid-metal coolants (HLMCs) has been proposed. As stock for the process, two types of solid carbon-bearing waste have been considered: household and industrial organic waste, such as garbage and worn-out auto tires. Two series of calculations of thermodynamic equilibrium compositions of products of anaerobic pyrolysis–gasification (reforming) of the mentioned types of stock have been carried out. Conclusions have been made concerning the ranges of the technological parameters of the considered processes and the prospects of their application for the production of energy and useful products (manufactured gas, bulk hydrogen, resins, organic acids, pyrocarbon, etc.); an approximate prospective plan of a power-technological combination of a high-temperature heat-exchange circulation loop of an HMLC and a reactor–gasifier of solid carbon-bearing waste has been also proposed.

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