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[1] Microbiological modification of kaolinite and montmorillonite surface / E. V. Shein, N. V. Verkhovtseva, E. Y. Milanovsky, A. A. Romanycheva // Biogeosystem Technique. — 2016. — Vol. 9, no. 3. — P. 229–234. The interaction of microorganisms with mineral part of the soil solid phase determines the number of processes, such as weathering of primary minerals, their destruction or transformation due to the production of organic ligands and acids. The article describes the modification of the surface of the clay minerals kaolinite and montmorillonite by the pure culture of Bacillus circulans, capable of removing silicon and potassium from the minerals. After two months of culturing the bacteria in a clay medium, where the clay minerals were the source of potassium, the surfaces properties (contact angle, surface area) and microaggregate composition of clays were changed. The composition of the microbial community was reconstructed according to the microbial markers (fatty acids and their derivatives—fatty hydroxyacids and aldehydes) that were determined after the acid methanolysis of the samples using the molecular method of gas chromatography−mass-spectrometry. It is shown that the result of adsorption of bacteria and their metabolites and the formation of tightly bound microbial biofilm on the surface of a solid mineral phase was the clay surface hydrophobization. Sorption of bacterial metabolic products on the clay surface causes a decrease in the specific surface area, contact angle and C/N ratio. The formation of stable microaggregates with a diameter of about 30 mkm was noted. The role and importance of microorganisms in the changing mineral surface and in the initial stage of formation of aggregate waterproof structure are highlights. [ DOI ]

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