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1. Полный текст На русском языке Generatsiya_nepreryivnogo_IAG-lazera_s_vnutrirezonatornoj... 1,6 МБ 16 июля 2014 [vsh]

[1] The stimulated-emission from a cw yag laser with the intracavity thermal nonlinearity / V. M. Petnikova, I. V. Taubin, M. A. Kharchenko, V. V. Shuvalov // KVANTOVAYA ELEKTRONIKA. — 1991. — Vol. 18, no. 12. — P. 1424–1427. An analysis is performed of operating modes of a laser with an intracavity element which provides for feedback by the emission beam structure. It is shown that regions of two-valued solutions and hysteresis loops by the pump current are formed at the nonlinearity of the self-focusing type. Necessary conditions are determined for realization of self-stabilization of lasing parameters, self-oscillations with the period in the order of nonlinearity relaxation time.An analysis is made of the conditions of operation of a laser with an intracavity element ensuring feedback in respect of the structure of the output beam. It is shown that in the case of a self-focusing nonlinearity there are regions with double-valued solutions and hysteresis loops of the current supplying a flashlamp. The necessary conditions for self-stabilization of the lasing parameters and for spontaneous oscillations with a period of the order of the nonlinearity relaxation time are determined. [ DOI ]

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