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[1] Spectroscopy of coherent dark resonances / J. V. Vladimirova, B. A. Grishanin, V. N. Zadkov et al. // Proceedings of SPIE. — Vol. 4749 of ICONO 2001: Novel Trends in Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopy and Optical Diagnos-tics and Lasers in Chemistry, Biophysics, and Biomedicine. — Santa Fe, NM, 2001. — P. 147–156. A theoretical model of the coherent population trapping (CPT) in multilevel samarium atom and its comparison with experimental spectroscopic data are presented. Theoretical model describes a degenerated A-system in Sm atom formed of the transitions 4f66s2(7F0) 4f6(7F)6s6p(3P0)9F? —÷ 4f66s2(7F1) and includes also a fourth level 4f66s2(7F2), which complements the model making it an open system. An open character of the system reduces the contrast of the resonance curves in the CPT-spectra, but does not change the width of the OPT resonance. Numerical modeling of the CPT resonances in Sm atom was carried out for the case of applied longitudinal and transverse magnetic fields in 7- and 12-level models, as well.

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