V2494 Cyg: a unique FU Ori type object in the Cygnus OB7 complexстатья

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[1] V2494 cyg: a unique fu ori type object in the cygnus ob7 complex / T. Y. Magakian, E. H. Nikogossian, T. Movsessian et al. // Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. — 2013. — Vol. 432, no. 4. — P. 2685–2695. A photometric and spectral study of the variable star V2494 Cyg in the L 1003 dark cloud is presented. The brightness of the star, formerly known as HH 381 IRS, increased by 2.5 mag in R (probably in the 1980s) and since then has remained nearly constant. Since the brightness increase, V2494 Cyg has illuminated a bipolar cometary nebula. The stellar spectrum has several features typical of the FU Ori (FUor) type, plus it exhibits very strong Hα and forbidden emission lines with high-velocity components. These emission lines originate in the Herbig-Haro (HH) jet near the star. The kinematic age of the jet is consistent with it forming at the time of the outburst leading to the luminosity increase. V2494 Cyg also produces a rather extended outflow; it is the first known FUor with both an observed outburst and a parsec-sized HH flow. The nebula, illuminated by V2494 Cyg, possesses similar morphological and spectral characteristics to Hubble's variable nebula (R Monocerotis/NGC 2261). [ DOI ]

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