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[1] Lipunova G. V. Supercritical disk accretion with mass loss // Astronomy Letters. — 1999. — Vol. 25. — P. 508–517. We consider supercritical accretion onto a compact object when the accretion rate exceeds its value derived from the Eddington limit: Mdot_Edd = L_Edd/c2. We use the scenario that was proposed by Shakura and Sunyaev (1973) for the supercritical regime, according to which matter flows out of the gas-disk surface under radiation pressure. An analytic solution of the accretion-disk structure is obtained for this scenario by using classical equations. For the first time, an attempt is made to construct a model for nonconservative supercritical accretion with advection. To this end, we develop a numerical scheme for calculating the structure of an advective disk with mass outflow. The goal of solving the problem of a supercritical disk with mass loss is to explain accreting sources with outflowing envelopes, for example, SS433 and galactic nuclei. The structure and observational manifestations of the envelope which forms around a supercritical disk are considered by taking into account bremsstrahlung absorption and Thomson scattering of photons.

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