Controlling the SelfAssemblage of Modified Colloid Particle Ensembles in Solution Microdropletsстатья

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[1] Controlling the selfassemblage of modified colloid particle ensembles in solution microdroplets / P. V. Lebedev-Stepanov, S. P. Gromov, S. P. Molchanov et al. // Nanotechnologies in Russia. — 2011. — Vol. 6, no. 9-10. — P. 569–578. Sorbtion isoterms and binding constants of styryl dyes (SDs) of pyridine line with active centers on the surface of polystyrene colloid particles in aqueous solutions were investigated depending on their dye charge: dication of Nammoniopropyl SD derivative, cation of Nethyl SD derivative, and neutral N-sulfopropyl SD derivative; a physical model of the sorbtion was developed. Selfassemblage of the particle ensembles, the surface of which is modified by SDs (namely, the dependence that the solidphase morphology has on the dye concentration), was studied. It was shown that a solid phase is formed in the presence of sorbed dye more uniformly coating the substrate, but with a less expressed longrange order of the particle location. The dependence that particle ordering has on the distance from the drop center, which is expressed in the presence of the radial gradient of the optical properties of the microconstruction obtained, was found. [ DOI ]

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