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[1] Three ways of russian geologists as ecological geologists / V. T. Trofimov, D. V. Grichuk, R. N. Sobolev, V. A. Bogoslovsky // Proceedings of International symposium on engineering geology and the environment. Athens. Greece. — A.A. Balkema/Rotterdam/Brookfield Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1997. — P. 3351–3353. Preparation experts in the field of geological-ecological investigations asks for the choice of strategy which depends on their future work and the need in such experts. The experience of such specialists preparation at geological faculties of some russian universities shows that they must have fundamental geological(20% of academic years) and social-ecological (25% of academic years) knowledge. Specially organized educational programs give them possibility to have high level of education in this field and get job at industry, as administrative personnel and at the educational and scientific institutes.

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