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[1] Multicolour photometry of unusual dwarf nova hs 0218+3229 / P. Golysheva, N. Katysheva, S. Shugarov et al. // Central European Astrophysical Bulletin. — Vol. 37. — 2013. — P. 345–354. Our analysis of the 200 photographic and the 2000 CCD frames of the cataclysmic variable HS 0218+3229, taken from 1963 till 2011, showed the existence of two outbursts in 1980 and 2007 with the amplitude of about 4 magnitude in V and pg bands. We classified the object as an UGSS type dwarf nova with rare outbursts of the symmetrical shape, which characterizes the "inside-out" outbursts. Using the O-C diagram, we refined the orbital period of the system P_{orb}=0.^d2973559. Orbital light curves showed a double-wave modulation caused by an ellipticity effect of the secondary K5 V star. The spectrum of HS 0218+3229 is dominated by emission lines of hydrogen and neutral helium.

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