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[1] Kukulin V. I., Rubtsova O. A. New way in few-body scattering calculations // Few-Body Systems. — 2013. — Vol. 54. — P. 1611–1615. The key features of the new general approach to solution of few-body scattering problems in hadronic, nuclear and atomic physics are presented and discussed in the paper. The approach is based on a general idea of the lattice-like discretization of few-body continuum using the stationary wave-packet basis in momentum space. The new technique includes an efficient averaging and smoothing of singular kernels of the scattering integral equations over the lattice cells. So, such an averaging procedure allows us to transform the complicated singular integral kernels into usual matrices with regular and smooth matrix elements. Such a transformation is shown to lead to an enormous simplification of the solving procedure for scattering equations. [ DOI ]

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