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[1] Izmalkova A., Blinnikova I., Kirsanova S. Eye movements in second language vocabulary acquisition // Perception. — 2016. — Vol. 45, no. 0. — P. 25–25. We used eye tracking technique to investigate the process of reading SL texts. To date, studies of eye movements in SL reading have focused on the influence of contextual characteristics - frequency, word familiarity, etc. (Williams & Morris, 2004; Rayner et al., 2011). It remains largely unknown, however, how SL vocabulary acquisition techniques are reflected in eye movements. Eye movement data of 26 Russian-speaking students was recorded as they read an English (SL) text with 10 implanted low-frequency words. We classified vocabulary acquisition techniques the subjects reported based on the work of H.Nassaji (2003): using contextual, morphological or discourse knowledge. We also analyzed the mistakes Ss made when asked to translate the words into their native language. The coefficient of contingency between the techniques and the mistakes was 0.43 (p <.05). Significant distinctions were found in eye movement patterns when different vocabulary acquisition techniques were used: most fixations and returns to the words were made if the use of contextual knowledge was reported, whereas using discourse knowledge resulted in fewer fixations on the words and shorter saccadic amplitude. The findings indicate that subjects use different vocabulary acquisition techniques, which are consistent with recall mistakes and are reflected in eye movement characteristics. Funding: The study was sponsored by the Russian Fund for the Humanitarian Sciences („ 16-36- 00044). [ DOI ]

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