Ассоциации Т/А-полиморфизма гена FTO с характером жироотложения у юношей и девушекстатья

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[1] Ассоциации Т/А-полиморфизма гена fto с характером жироотложения у юношей и девушек / Э. А. Бондарева, М. А. Негашева, А. В. Грудиева, Т. В. Тарасова // Вестник Московского университета. Серия 23: Антропология. — 2016. — № 4. — С. 69–77. Early prediction of obesity risk will be facilitated by the identification of the main genes and their relevant genetic variants. Outstanding among the many genes associated with obesity is the FTO gene. SNP’s in the first intron of the FTO gene are associated with overweight and obesity risk. The FTO T/A-polymorphism has emerged as one of the most important obesity susceptibility gene variants known to date, which has been studied in different ethnicities, among obese people and people with metabolic syndrome, and among cohorts with different socioeconomic status. The aim of the present paper was to study associations between T/Apolymorphism of the FTO gene and obesity-related morphological traits in youngsters of both sexes. 227 students of different Saransk universities (122 females and 105 males), aged from 17 to 23 years, took part in the investigation. The program included anthropometric measurements (30), and the collection of buccal smears for genetic analysis (FTO, rs9939609). Distribution of the genotype frequencies is consistent with Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium, and, in general, is the same as in the European populations. Significant differences are revealed for obesity-related morphological traits: in the male subgroup AA genotype carriers have increased total body fat accumulation, higher waist-to-hip ratio with primary abdominal fat accumulation. In the female subgroup these trends are not statistically significant. But female students with AA genotype demonstrate higher values for skinfold thickness and increased waist-to-hips ratio. It is possible that individual predisposition to overweight and obesity will appear in female carriers of the risk genotype later with age. Keywords: anthropogenetics, FTO gene polymorphism, obesity, abdominal obesity, morphological traits.

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