Hydrolytic Stages of Titania Nanoparticles Formation Jointly Studied by SAXS, DLS and TEMстатья

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[1] Hydrolytic stages of titania nanoparticles formation jointly studied by saxs, dls and tem / A. B. Tarasov, V. Goertz, E. A. Goodilin, H. Nirschl // Journal of Physical Chemistry C. — 2013. — Vol. 117, no. 24. — P. 12800–12805. A thermohydrolysis of titanium compounds solutions is a widely used method for titania-based nanomaterials preparation. The relationship between properties and synthetic conditions of such materials is derived from the nature of processes occurring in solution during the material formation. In the present paper, a new insight of titania nanoparticles formation by thermohydrolysis of TiCl4 water solution is given based on a joint study by SAXS, DLS and TEM techniques. The key stage was supposed to relay on a bonding rearrangement process inside an inorganic polymer causing a crystalline phase formation characterized by 3-4 nm gyration radii according to SAXS. The model of TiCl4 thermohydrolysis describing the whole process of the TiO2 nanoparticles formation was supposed. The presence of several distinct steps allows to control phase composition and morphology of the final nanoparticles of titania opening up the possibility to vary their functional properties. [ DOI ]

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