Effect of the Detonation Nanodiamond Surface on the Catalytic Activity of Deposited Nickel Catalysts in the Hydrogenation of Acetyleneстатья

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[1] Effect of the detonation nanodiamond surface on the catalytic activity of deposited nickel catalysts in the hydrogenation of acetylene / E. A. Tveritinova, I. I. Kulakova, Y. N. Zhitnev et al. // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A. — 2013. — Vol. 87, no. 7. — P. 1114–1120. A comparative study is performed of the catalytic activity of nanosized nickel deposited on deto nation synthesis nanodiamond (DND) and coal (CSUG) produced by burning sugar and crystalline quartz in the hydrogenation of acetylene. Nanosized nickel is obtained through the thermal decomposition of nickel formate under a dynamic vacuum. The catalysts are studied by means of scanning electron and transmission electron microscopy, Xray fluorescence, IRspectroscopy, Xray diffraction, and pulse microcatalytic method. It is shown that Ni/DND is an active catalyst of acetylene hydrogenation, considerably surpassing Ni/quartz and Ni/CSUG. The apparent activation energy of the hydrogenation of acetylene is calculated, and the region of the reaction are determined for all catalysts. It is found that the influence of the structure and nature of a functional coating of nanodiamond on the catalytic activity of Ni/DND deposited catalyst in the hydrogenation of acetylene. The ability of Ni/DND to hold active hydrogen is detected. [ DOI ]

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