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[1] Belotelov V. I., Kalish A. N., Zvezdin A. K. Magneto-optics of plasmonic crystals // Magnetophotonics. — Vol. 178 of Springer Series in Materials Science. — Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013. — P. 51–106. Plasmonics has been attracting considerable interest as it allows localization of light at nanoscale dimensions. A breakthrough in integrated nanophotonics can be obtained by fabricating plasmonic functional materials. Such systems may show a rich variety of novel phenomena and also have huge application potential. In particular magnetooptical materials are appealing as they may provide ultrafast control of laser light and surface plasmons via an external magnetic field. Here we give a review of the state of the art in the area of magnetoplasmonics and consider a new metal–dielectric heterostructure: plasmonic crystal formed by a periodically perforated with slit or hole arrays noble metal film on top of a ferromagnetic dielectric film. It provides a significant enhancement of magneto-optical effects as proved by the observation of increase of the intensity and polarization rotation effects near Ebbesen’s extraordinary transmission peaks by several orders of magnitude. Surface plasmon polaritons as well as waveguide modes play a decisive role in this enhancement. The plasmonic crystal can be operated in transmission, so that it may be implemented in devices for telecommunication, plasmonic circuitry, magnetic field sensing and all-optical magnetic data storage. [ DOI ]

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