The Current Version of the SAHA-S Equation of State: Improvement and Perspectiveстатья

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[1] The current version of the saha-s equation of state: Improvement and perspective / V. A. Baturin, S. V. Ayukov, V. K. Gryaznov et al. // PROGRESS IN PHYSICS OF THE SUN AND STARS: A NEW ERA IN HELIO- AND ASTEROSEISMOLOGY. — Vol. 479 of Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series. — ASTRONOMICAL SOC PACIFIC, 390 ASHTON AVE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94112 USA 390 ASHTON AVE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94112 USA, 2013. — P. 11–18. The current version of SARA-S (SAHA-S3), an equation of state (EOS) based on the chemical picture and which has been specifically proposed for the purpose of solar modeling, is discussed and proposed for public availability. All basic physical effects of the Coulomb interaction, exchange and diffraction effects, free electron degeneracy, relativistic corrections, and radiation pressure contributions are taken into account. The basic improvement in the presented version (SAHA-S3) is a detailed description of excited states of the ions of ten chemical elements. The physical assumptions in the EOS and main contributions to the Gamma(1)-profile along an adiabat (typical in solar conditions) are described. Distributions of ionic abundances and contributions of elements to the Gamma(1)-profile are plotted. The SAHA-S3 EOS is used in the calibration of the solar envelope and inversion of Gamma(1) in the solar convection zone.

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