Dynamics of Centaur Chariklo and evolution of its ringsстатья

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[1] Kondratyev B. P. Dynamics of centaur chariklo and evolution of its rings // Astrophysics and Space Science. — 2016. — Vol. 361, no. 12. — P. 1–8. It follows from observations that the asteroid Chariklo has two outer rings. The purpose of this paper consists in constructing the equilibrium model of asteroid and developing the kinetic mechanism of evolution of its rings. We have specified for Chariklo the density the mass and the average radius . Its rings are modeled by circular gravitating toruses consisting of the small rock-ice particles that orbit the asteroid. The method does not imply the presence of hidden satellites near to asteroid, and the equilibrium of rings is determined by small velocity dispersion and gravity of particles. The problem of expansion of the internal torus gravitational potential in series on powers of its geometrical parameter is solved. This enables the gravitational energy of the Chariklo’s rings to be found and to express theirs masses in terms of a mass of asteroid . We calculated the mass of inner ring and its relation to the mass of asteroid is similarly, for the outer ring and The mass ratio is a typical for satellites of other asteroids and dwarf planets. The velocity dispersion of particles in rings and no greater than of its rotational velocity The particle of medium radius has the mean free path and its diffusion time from centre line on surface of torus is and The dissipation rate equation for the Chariklo’s rings is derived. From this equation a surprising result follows: the time of energy dissipation (the time of evolution of rings) is only years that to astronomical measures is very short time scale. We adduce the arguments supporting the idea that these rings in near future can become the Chariklo’s satellites, and that the transformation of the rings into satellites energetically is favorably. [ DOI ]

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