Study of Thermotropic Transformation of Tris-cis-tris-trans-dodeca-phenylcyclododecasiloxanedodecaol - Precursor for the Preparation of Phenylsilsesquioxane Polymers of Unusual Architectureстатья

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[1] Study of thermotropic transformation of tris-cis-tris-trans-dodeca-phenylcyclododecasiloxanedodecaol - precursor for the preparation of phenylsilsesquioxane polymers of unusual architecture / O. I. Shchegolikhina, E. V. Matukhina, A. A. Anisimov et al. // Макрогетероциклы. — 2016. — Vol. 9, no. 1. — P. 11–16. The samples of iris-cis-tris-trans-dodecaphenylcyclododecasilexanedodecaol (dodecaol) with different crystalline structure have been investigated by means of TGA and X-ray methods. The samples obtained have exhibited mesomor-phic properties, the thermal behavior and the type of mesomorphic ordering being directly associated with the type of the main H-bonded unit Ibrming the initial crystalline structure. In turn, the type of an ordering in the mesophase has determined the structure of the final products of polycondensation. It was shown that the multifunctional tris-cis-tristrans-dodecaphenylcyclododecasiloxanedodecaol can be used as possible monomer precursor for the covalent-bonded "double-chain sheet polymer". [ DOI ]

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