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[1] Глотова А. В. The concept of “marriage” by w. somerset maugham in the novel “mrs. craddock” // Materiály VIII mezinárodní vědecko-praktická konference Věda a technologie: krok do budoucnosti - 2012. – Dil 11. Filologické vědy: Praha. Publishing House Education and Science s.r.o. – С. 42-46. — Dil 11. Filologické vědy. — Publishing House Education and Science s.r.o Praha, 2012. — P. 42–46. The novel “Mrs. Craddock” by W. Somerset Maugham was written in 1900. In the beginning readers may see the opening line: “This book might be called also The Triumph of Love” [3, p. 11]. The novel is devoted to a love story of two persons from different classes: Bertha Ley, a young attractive passionate heiress and owner of Ley Court, and Edward Craddock, a plain healthy even-tempered farmer with good looks. In fact this is an acute observation of Craddocks’ marriage story - a relation that begins with hope and devoted, passionate love that fizzles with time, disillusionment and familiarity [2]. This novel may be even called a tragedy outlining the crisis in couple’s relations and the collision of their original interests based on “the contrast between her vivid expectations and the flat reality” The author appeals to a reader considering the meaning and definition of “matrimony” from different sides. He presents various “marriage” interpretations and visions through the opinions and conversations of his heroes.

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